• Showtec Stage Blinder 2 DMX

    Showtec Stage Blinder 2 DMX

    Showtec Stage Blinder 2 DMX, Stage Blinder 2 DMX. The Stage Blinder 2 DMX is an active version of the already popular Stage Blinder 2., It has a built-in 1 channel dimmer so that...

  • Skytec ST-010

    Skytec ST-010

    El megáfono Skytec ST-010 es un pequeño amplificador de megafonía, pero mucho más potente que sus congéneres. Este gran altavoz mono, con sus 12 cm (5”) puede conseguir hasta 30 W...

  • Eurolite Bubble

    Eurolite Bubble

    Eurolite Bubble Machine 3L, Bubble Machine 3L, A rotating wheel with rings takes up the bubble fluid, A ventilator distributes the generated bubbles in the whole room, Very low...

  • Eurolite Snow 3001
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    Eurolite Snow 3001

    Eurolite Snow 3001 Snow Machine - powerful mini snow machine. A lot of "snowflakes" are thrown into the room up to a distance of 2m. Constant snowing creates a foam/snow build up,...

  • Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
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    Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

    FOCUSRITE Scarlett 6i6 La tarjeta de Sonido Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 es un USB 2.0 interfaz de audio con dos preamplificadores de micr fono Focusrite. Scarlett 6i6 tiene 6 entradas y...

  • Malone DX1500

    Malone DX1500

    El Malone DX1500 es un potente amplificador PA que permitirá hacer llegar tu señal de audio a un gran público. Sus dos entradas RCA y sus dos entradas jack de 6, 3mm permitirán la...

  • Malone DX1200

    Malone DX1200

    El Malone DX1200 es un potente amplificador PA que permitirá hacer llegar tu señal de audio a un gran público. Sus dos entradas RCA y sus dos entradas jack de 6, 3mm permitirán la...

  • Beamz DMX-240

    Beamz DMX-240

    El controlador Beamz DMX-240 es una mesa de iluminación profesional para la programación de diseños de luces en eventos y espectáculos de teatro o danza. Además de la variedad de...

  • Denon DN-700R
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    Denon DN-700R

    Denon DN 700R Network SD/USB Recorder, Records to SD/SDHC and USB media in MP3 and WAV (up to 24-bit/96kHz), Dual Record feature (records to two media options simultaneously for...

  • Accu-Case AC-185
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    Accu-Case AC-185

    Accu-Case AC 185, Soft Bag 1570x400x280mm, is specifically designed for the ADJ Light Bridge one System. Works with all brands of lighting fixtures, Affordable padded soft cases...

  • Denon DN-300Z
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    Denon DN-300Z

    Denon DN-300Z, CD/SD/USB/BT Player with AM/FM Tuner, Plays audio from USB thumb and HDDs, SD/SDHC cards, Super-fast loading slot-in CD mechanism, Wireless audio playback from...

  • Denon DN-501C
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    Denon DN-501C

    Denon DN-501C CD/Media Player, Supports CDDA/WAV/MP3/AAC/AIFF audio file formats, USB mass storage device playback, Direct digital playback of iPod/iPhone via USB, OLED high...

  • Focal CMS65
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    Focal CMS65

    Focal CMS65 Bundle containing 2 pc. FOCAL CMS65 (order code 226912), FOCAL CARRIER BAG CMS65 (order code 255593)

  • Midas Pro1

    Midas Pro1

    Midas Pro1 TP, Cased 48 Kanal x 27 Bus Digital mixing console with 16 + 2 Faders, 24 x mic/line Inputs, 24 x analog In/Outputs, 2 x AES Inputs, 3 x AES Outputs, dimensions 68 x 72...

  • RCF NX L-24A

    RCF NX L-24A

    RCF NX L-24A, Active 2-way column speaker with 4 x 6 "woofer, 1x2, 5" tweeter including 120 x30 Waveguide and integrated DSP controlled digital amplifier 700W/RMS. Frequency...

  • Monkey Banana Turbo 10s
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    Monkey Banana Turbo 10s

    Monkey Banana Turbo 10s black, active subwoofer, LF Driver: 10-inch Magnetically Shielded Paper Cone, Frequency Response: 20Hz - 40Hz / 120Hz, Crossover - Frequency: 40-120Hz...

  • Stairville MH-X20
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    Stairville MH-X20

    Thon Case 8x Stairville MH-X20, 7mm birch plywood, 30mm aluminium profiles, foam padding, 4x handles, 2x butterfly latches, steel corners, 10 cm space for safeties, clamps etc., 4x...

  • Magma DJ Controller Workstation S2

    Magma DJ Controller Workstation S2

    Magma DJ Controller Workstation NS-6 - transport case and workstation for Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2, controller and laptop, dimensions 59 x 40 x 20 cm / Interior: 46 x...

  • Reloop RP-2000M

    Reloop RP-2000M

    Reloop RP 2000M, Quartz-driven DJ turntable with direct drive, Extra heavy construction, Black metallic finish, Metal chassis, Very powerful motor, Statically balanced S-shaped...

  • Showtec Dynamic LED

    Showtec Dynamic LED

    the Showtec, Dynamic Led offers 256 bright red, green and blue LED beams, large beam coverage and a light weight, durable case design. This easy-to-use lighting effect can be run...

  • EVE Audio SC307
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    EVE Audio SC307

    EVE audio SC307, active 3-way studio monitor, Free-field frequency range (-3dB): 40Hz - 21kHz, Tweeter: AMT RS2, Mid-Woofer: 165mm/6, 5", Woofer: 165mm/6, 5", Cross-over frequency:...

  • Hofa Absorber
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    Hofa Absorber

    Hofa Absorber MK2 (creme), acoustic panel, absorbs mid and high frequencies in the room and therefore reduces the reverb time, high efficiency: at 200 Hz about 50% of absorption,...

  • Malone PW-2110

    Malone PW-2110

    El altavoz PA activo de Malone es el hardware ideal para DJs, grupos musicales y cualquier organizador de festivales.Una potencia RMS de 200W otorga al sistema de 2 vías la...

  • Eurolite LED FE-800
    Electrònica Embajadores
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    Eurolite LED FE-800

    Control DMX512 vía controlador DMX (ocupa 4 canales) Las coloridas flores cambian su dirección de movimiento en cada bass-beat en el modo de control de sonido Sonido controlado a...

  • Eurolite LED BAR-252 RGB

    Eurolite LED BAR-252 RGB

    Eurolite LED bar RGB 252/10 indoor 40 white housing, Handsome LED bar offers new creative possibilities! DMX-512 control via regular DMX-controller, Sound-control via built-in...

  • American Audio TTD 2400
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    American Audio TTD 2400

    American Audio Dust Cover, for TTD 2400; TTD 2400 USB, hinges included, Dimensions : L: 44.5cm W: 35cm, H: 6cm

  • Martin RUSH MH 2 Wash
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    Martin RUSH MH 2 Wash

    Martin Rush MH 2 Wash. Compact yet powerful, this fast and agile LED wash light moving head features RGBW color, mixing and a 10o fixed beam angle. Wash beam effects are possible...

  • Toft Audio Designs ATB08M

    Toft Audio Designs ATB08M

    Toft Audio Designs ATB-08M, 8-Channel Studio Mixer, 8 Bus, Direct Outs All Chans, Series 80 EQ, Inline Monitoring, 6 Aux Sends per chan, 8 Stereo Auxes, 8 build-in Mic-Preamps,...

  • Hofa Basstrap Baby
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    Hofa Basstrap Baby

    Hofa Basstrap Baby black, full-range absorber tube that reach deep frequencies, effective against rumbling bass and standing waves, for professional and better working conditions...

  • Beamz DMX-192S

    Beamz DMX-192S

    El controlador Beamz DMX-192S es una mesa de iluminación profesional para la programación de diseños de luces en eventos y espectáculos de teatro o danza.Además de la variedad de...

  • RCF HD 12-A
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    RCF HD 12-A

    RCF HD 12-A, Aktiv 2 Way Fullrangespeaker with 1200Watt, 12" RCF Woofer with 3" Voice Coil, 1" RCF driver with 1, 7" Voice Coil, Digital Bi-Amped inkl. DSP, 1200 Watt/PRG,...

  • Stairville MH-X25
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    Stairville MH-X25

    Stairville MH-X25 LED Spot Moving Head - extremely bright, light and economic. Thanks to an extremely bright 25W high-power LED the MH-X25 LED is well in the running with the...

  • Eurolite DMX Move Control 512
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    Eurolite DMX Move Control 512

    Eurolite DMX Move Control 512, DMX Move Control 512. DMX controller with FX generator for RGBW light effect units. DMX controller for DMX light effect units such as moving heads,...

  • Stairville D610H
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    Stairville D610H

    Stairville D610H dimmer - DMX 512 control, fully digital internal control (10-bit resolution), temperature-controlled fan. Menu: preheat, test, error log. Mains Input: 3x 32A, 10A...

  • Stairville SC-100
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    Stairville SC-100

    Stairville maTrixx SC-100 DMX RGBW LED Effect - scanner with LED matrix, smooth movements and sharp beams, 52-LED matrix with a variety of patterns (16* red, 12* green, 12* blue*...

  • American DJ BubbleTron
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    American DJ BubbleTron

    Consumo en litros/h 0, 5SoporteColor: negro

  • LD Systems MON 81 A G2
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    LD Systems MON 81 A G2

    LD Systems Mon 81A G2 - active 2-way co-axial wedge, 80W RMS, 8"+ 1" coaxial drivers, 75° x 75° dispersion, 90 - 20.000 Hz, 97dB (116 dB SPL max), limiter, current overload...

  • American DJ Event Pod

    American DJ Event Pod

  • Native Instruments Traktor DJ Cable

    Native Instruments Traktor DJ Cable

    ACCESORIO Cable de monitorización sin interface de audio. Para Traktor DJ y Traktor PRO. Funciona en iPad, iPhone y ordenadores portátiles. También es compatible con otras...

  • dB Technologies Sub 28D
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    dB Technologies Sub 28D

    Potencia RMS en W @ 8 Ohm: 400Soporte del dispositivo / BridaCarcasa duraRango de frecuencia: 45 - 150Nivel de presión sonora en dB: 125Color: negro